Hampton Mental Health Associates, Inc. has been providing outpatient mental health services to children and adults with all types of mental health disorders, developmental disorders, and learning problems since 1991.


Our office will be closed on Friday, December 23rd and Monday, December 26th for the Christmas Holiday.  We will be open Tues – Thurs, the 27th -29th.  We are closed for New Years on Friday, January 30th!  We hope all of our patients have a safe and restful holiday season!


Psychiatry was born as a branch of medical specialty, more specifically, Neurology. So, initially, those who were interested in that field, realized that not everything was solely explainable by neurology. including emotions and behavior.

Consequently, addressing the issue of mental health is complex and needs to be approached by a combination of medical, psychological and social components.

Genetic and environment interface in a complex manner that an individual’s personal and emotional resources and experience may not be sufficient to face the major changes in life.

Everyone is unique. What can be normal for one individual may be experienced as a distress or crisis for someone else. For example, a child may be considered as disruptive in one environment but not in another. A person can experience trauma for something that would not have the same meaning for someone else. Example, a person may function adequately in a structured environment, a military system for example, but experience significant adjustment transitioning to the civilian world. Another example may be a child raised in a rural area may not display the same problematic behavior than it could be assessed with raised in a high-density population.

Based on that approach, HMHA has promoted a combination of services under the same roof delivered by a variety of professionals with medical, psychological, and social expertise including reaching out to the community.

That is why HMHA has been very cautious in adapting and customizing its approach to each person and situation. For example, medication, often being promoted as a “quick fix” is very far from being the only answer and promoted by social pressure.

The mission of HMHA is to consider and treat each person according to his or her individual needs even reaching out into the community, when needed.

Clinic Changes Effective
Jan. 1, 2021

  1. HMHA will no longer provide ESA (Emotional Support Animal) letters.
  2. Medication Refill clinics will be discontinued effective Jan. 1, 2021.
  3. HMHA will not provide disability letters and will only send medical records.
  4. . If a patient needs FMLA or other miscellaneous letters or paperwork, the patient must make an appointment with their provider.
  5. Copay’s and balances are expected to be paid at time of appointment.

Mental Health Support Services

Provides comprehensive supportive services to individuals affected with severe psychiatric, emotional, and/or behaviorally functional limitations to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment while focusing on their strengths and needs.
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Outreach Services

Provides comprehensive services to maintain the integrity of the family and prevent out of home placement for youth at-risk; quality, availability, accessibility, and cost effectiveness is emphasized to meet the needs of the population.
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Medication Management

Following initial evaluation, medication management appointments are provided by psychiatrists and nurse practitioners to determine the need for medication for the treatment of psychiatric disorders and evaluate its effectiveness.
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Individual Therapy

Psychotherapeutic session of a duration of 30 to 45 minutes, involving therapist and client to discuss and address issues reported by the client and contributing to the emotional and/or behavioral disturbances.
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Psychiatric Evaluation

Evaluations are performed by Psychiatrists and/or Nurse Practitioners to assess a person’s mental status, thought processes, and cognitive abilities.
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