Mary Lou Rubert, PhD

Dr. Mary Lou Rubert is a graduate of the California School of Professional Psychology in Berkeley, California. In her residency years, she provided multicultural assessments to diverse populations in that state. Later, in private practice, she conducted psychoeducational testing, school consultations, clinical hypnotherapy for phobias and smoking, individual and couples’ therapy. Dr. Rubert also taught graduate courses and served as President of a Board of Psychological Examiners. One of the graduate courses she taught was in Full Battery Assessment, which helped students to integrate complex data on an individual’s intellectual ability, strengths and weaknesses in character and personality traits, as well as any existing clinical conditions. She is a positive thinker and believer in continuous learning across the lifespan.

After her initial private practice years, she served at three different government agencies. Initially at the Department of Defense (DOD) in military bases, then at the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) as Clinical Psychologist and Coordinator of a Drug Abuse Program and lastly, at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). She retired from CIA in 2020 and joined HMHA, with the expectation to serve Veterans and their families at Langley Air Force Base providing specialized trauma treatments, as well as offer job-fit assessments and clinical or psychoeducational testing of adolescents and adults. Dr. Rubert desires to continue her service through applying psychological best practices in both testing and therapy. In addition to assessments, she is experienced in trauma therapy for civilians, as well as for military or state government employees. She is empathic, intuitive, insightful and passionate about service to others.

Credentials / Position: Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Specialty: Adolescents and Adults
Years of Experience: 34